"(Brown) has a remarkably pretty instrument, pure, “spinny.” has beautiful extension and a timbre that cuts through an ensemble without shrillness."

Natasha Gauthier, Ottawa Citizen, Review of Rigoletto


"Effortless high Cs...The sensitivity and pathos of (Brown's) rendering was truly endearing."

- Ute Davis, review of La Boheme


"...Less intense moments were beautifully accentuated by soloists Susan Elizabeth Brown (soprano), Daniel Taylor (counter-tenor) and Bradley Christensen (baritone)."

- Andre Gagne, review of Carmina Burana




"Susan is an incredibly gifted singer with the voice of an angel, who completely understands that in order to express a given moment vocally, it must be lived in the moment. She has the actor's gift as well, that of completely becoming a different person when performing, often very far from who she actually is. Any production would be very fortunate to have her participation in a lead role."

 - Vincent Thomas, Artistic Director, Pellegrini Opera


"Susan is one of the most interesting young sopranos I’ve worked with. A brilliant and expressive voice, able to do in the same phrase some wonderful pianissimos and intense crescendos.

  - Maestro Vito Lo Re



"I was most fortunate to have had the incredible pleasure of meeting and working with the young soprano, Susan Elizabeth Brown. It has been many years since I have come across such a substantial talent. A virtually perfect technique, and very passionate and humane interpretation of her debut in the role of Gilda. It is very rare that such a young singer has all of the necessary qualities for a major career, and from my experiences over the last 30 years, I know that she will go very far. Besides being a wonderful and instinctive singer, she is also a completely humble and accessible colleague, and a joy to work with."

 - Jeffrey Carl, Baritone



"Susan Elizabeth possesses artistic maturity, and has always had a
fabulous voice and commanding stage presence."

- Dr. Adrienne Shannon